Medjool Dates: Where to Buy Medjool Dates

Medjool dates are known as the king of dates because of their size and delicious flavor. The medjool date was originally grown in Iran, but it has since spread around the world and can be found on grocery store shelves nearly everywhere now. You can eat them raw or you can use them to make homemade confections that rival anything sold at your local bakery. To learn more about where to buy medjool dates, read on!

How to Choose the Best Medjool Dates

How to tell if your dates are fresh and worth your money. Fresh medjool dates tend to be brown in color and have a sticky texture when squeezed with your fingers. Check out our premium medjool dates!

How to Store Medjool Dates?

For those who don’t want, or can’t eat all their medjool dates at once, you can freeze them for later consumption. When you do so, make sure you wrap them tightly in plastic wrap and then place them in a freezer bag or container for storage. You should eat frozen medjool dates within three months of freezing; any longer than that and they won’t taste good any more! Additionally, after opening your box of medjool dates, transfer leftovers into smaller containers with tight lids.

What Types of Medjool Dates Are There?

There are two main types of dates: soft and hard. While most people believe that all dates are naturally sweet, it’s actually more accurate to say that certain varieties of dates are sweeter than others. When a date is considered soft, it means that it has not yet ripened enough for people to eat its flesh. The opposite of soft dates are hard or dry dates, which contain little amounts of moisture inside them (this moisture comes from osmosis, when water will travel through a semi-permeable membrane toward areas with lower concentrations). You can also find semi-dry dates on store shelves; they contain between 2% and 10% moisture by weight.

How Long Do Medjool Dates Last?

Although they’re small, medjool dates can last a long time. If stored properly in a pantry, you can keep medjool dates fresh for up to a year. Storing them properly means keeping them in an airtight container and wrapping that container tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. It also means putting them somewhere away from heat and light, so you’ll want to store your medjool dates in a dark cupboard or closet.

Why Should You Eat Them?

Why should I eat dates? The answer is simple. Dates have a lot of fiber, a ton of natural sugar, and vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for many bodily functions. In short, they make you feel great. They also aid with digestion and provide energy throughout your day. This fruit isn’t just tasty and delicious—it’s incredibly nutritious as well! It’s true what they say; you can never go wrong with dates!

Tasty Recipes with Fresh Medjool Dates

Fresh medjool dates are popular because they’re sweeter than most other dried fruits. One of their most common uses is in baking, where they’re paired with nuts or chocolate for a dessert called halvah . But don’t let their decadent reputation keep you from eating them by themselves. They also make delicious toppings for breakfast cereal, granola, ice cream and more. When used in baked goods and desserts, medjool dates tend to be soft rather than chewy. Achieving that texture requires knowing how long you can store your medjool dates after you buy them. In general, fresh fruit like medjool dates is best if eaten within a few days of purchase.

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